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MYTS Family Tricycle 48 V Electric Scooter With Rooftop Red

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Introducing the revolutionary Parent-Child Tricycle Mobility Scooter, the MYTS Trio blends elegance, functionality, and family enjoyment into a streamlined design. With maximum comfort and convenience, this three-seater wonder promises a smooth and delightful trip for parents and kids.

Seating for Three: Our MYTS Trio's roomy design allows it to easily fit three people, encouraging family time on the road.

Digital Display: The MYTS Trio's cutting-edge digital display keeps you informed and in control while giving you real-time information on speed, battery life, and other crucial facts for a fun and safe ride.

Powerful 48V Battery: With its sturdy 48V battery, the MYTS Trio guarantees a dependable and extended power supply, enabling you to travel with assurance and tranquillity.

Impressive Speed: With a maximum speed of 35 mph, the MYTS Trio offers the ideal mix of efficiency and excitement for your weekend excursions or everyday commute.

High Weight Capacity: The MYTS Trio is designed to meet the needs of a contemporary family and has an impressive weight capacity of 300 kg, guaranteeing stability and safety for every passenger.

Protective Roof for Summers: With the protected canopy of the MYTS Trio, you can beat the heat and keep cool while riding. This clever feature protects you from the sun's rays, makes your family's travel more comfortable, and guarantees you'll have fun even in the hottest weather.

Smart LED Lights: Boost visibility and style with clever LED lights that make you stand out on the road while brightening your way and giving your MYTS Trio a dash of contemporary flair.

Practical Trunk with Toolbox: With the MYTS Trio's roomy trunk that features a convenient toolbox, you may enjoy unmatched convenience. Store items, carry necessities, and keep the equipment you'll need on hand for any unforeseen circumstance in one safe and convenient place.

Attractive ColorsWith the MYTS Trio's eye-catching colours, you can showcase your flair while ensuring your tricycle fulfils all your functional demands. Invest in family mobility's future with the MYTS Trio, a stylish, safe, and useful combination that makes every trip enjoyable for the whole family.

1.Product category: Electric tricycles
2.Motor type: dual drive
3.Motor power: 600 watts, 800 watts, 1000 watts (w)
4.Battery capacity: 48V 60V 72V
5.Maximum design speed: 11-20km/h (km/h)
6.Continued mileage: 40 to 100 kilometers (km)
7.Climbing ability: Strong
8.Loading weight: 250 (kg)
9.Vehicle weight: 90 (kg)
10.Color: Blue
11.Packaging size: 160*70*90cm
12.Packaging weight:90kg

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