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MYTS Hydraulic Cargo 1.6 Mtr Tuk Tuk Electric 3 Wheels Off Road Scooter Trolley Grey

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MYTS Hydraulic Cargo Tuk Tuk Electric 3 wheels Scooter Trolley 1.6 MTR. Have Fun With These MYTS, Super strong Electric Tuk Tuk Hydraulic Trolley scooter, and Hydraulic Cargo Dump Truck! Do you need a reliable electric bike for carrying stuff? If you want a real cargo bike for carrying stuff yet still usable for daily commuting, the priority transportation truck electric scooter bike is for you. It features a heavy-duty three-wheel frame with a big open box bed rack on the rear that tips up like a real dump truck. The box bed tips up using manual RAM so you can haul and deposit the load behind the bike effortlessly. Think of this Hydraulic Cargo Tuk-tuk Electric Transport Scooter truck as a quiet, powerful, scaled-down dump truck carrying sacks and boxes or bulky items such as gravel, stones, debris, or wood chips. If you are looking for a powerful electric Motorbike to use as a daily workhorse, get the Priority Transportation Hydraulic Truck Cargo Bike! It is perfect if you carry a lot of stuff and want a bike to hold up. Electric bikes are more convenient for travel than cars and will get you there faster. Bikes take up smaller spaces on the road and can be ridden on alleys and walkways to cut your commute times. The priority transportation truck is made for utility. It is equipped with a scooter-like throttle so you can travel effortlessly. It has an incredible range of up to 25-30 km, making it a perfect electric bike that will not lose charge halfway through your commute. Get around traffic and roam the countryside· The priority transportation truck electric bike is an excellent choice if you want a rugged bike fit to haul cargo. This bike has a large metal open box on the rear that can tip up like a dump truck. This bike is highly recommended as a utility for commercial purposes, delivery for short trips, and a ride in the city or suburbs. It has three wheels, perfect for adults and seniors who need a stable ride. This Hydraulic cargo transportation Trolley truck electric bike has a strong battery and a brushless electric motor, giving it marvelous power and hauling ability. The engine is installed beside the rear differential, so it is sealed and directly connected to the wheels. This design is mechanically simple and reliable. This electric truck is capable of working on pavement and hard surfaces. This cargo electric scooter motorbike is perfect for driving around the Farms And deserts in Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and the full UAE. It has an incredible cargo-carrying capacity of up to 500 lbs, so you can carry stuff or ride with children. The priority electric scooter transportation Cargo truck can travel up to 25 km on a single charge, so you can be more capable and have a reliable ride. It is among the best electric cargo bikes you can buy. This electric cargo bike is perfect for factories, small business owners, delivery businesses, farms, and commercial establishments. The priority transportation truck electric Scooter has incredible power for rolling forward even if loaded. It is ideal for hard surfaces and pavement. The priority transportation truck electric bike is available in beautiful blue and silver color schemes. Electric cargo bikes have surprising uses in modern lifestyles. Small businesses and commercial establishments may find them useful for logistics and deliveries. They are quiet and powerful for transporting stuff in factories, warehouses, and building compounds. A specialized electric bike for carrying stuff is always safer and offers a stable ride compared to conventional bikes. The priority electric scooter transportation truck comes with a three-wheel design and a rigid frame that is comfortable and easy to ride, even for beginners. A Rugged and Reliable Electric Cargo Bike for Heavy-Duty Hauling! Have a reliable ride for carrying heavy stuff with the priority electric scooter transportation truck electric cargo scooter! This gorgeous full-sized freight electric bike has an open box bed space in the rear for cargo and bulk items and a maximum cargo-carrying capacity of 400 - 600 kgs, depending on your chosen size.

  • Size 1.6 MTR
  • Driving Type: Electric
  • Motor: 1500w
  • Net weight: 200kg
  • Loading capacity: 600kgs
  • Size of cargo box: 1600*1100mm
  • Battery: 60V20AH
  • Brake: Drum brake
  • Driving Range: 25-35 km per charge
  • Size of driver seating area: 60 cm
  • Charge Time(h): 6-7h
  • Grade Ability: 20-25°Driving
  • Mileage:70-90km
  • Use For Cargo
  • Body Type: Open
  • Mode of operation: Hydraulic
  • Tires: Off-road back wheels
  • speed 40-45 kmph

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